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Folklore + Traditions

Tomato Sauce (Sugo)

Growing up as a kid the end of August/Labour Day weekend always brought upon the nerves of going back to school and also the big production of making “the sauce”. As a kid I used to dread helping to make tomato sauce, it was a full day production which meant not hanging out with friends at the cottage. Not to mention the times you got a splash of the burning sauce on your skin or steam burn from the giant pot of sizzling tomato juice. Now that I am older, I value those memories and traditions. Every family has their own traditions and different way of making the sauce that is special to them. For the purpose of the blog I included a very quick how-to guide below. Keep in mind it's a bit more complex than I...

Christmas Tree Hunt

One of my favorite traditions is our annual tree hunt! Since I was a little girl I remember this day and looked forward to it every year. We all meet at my Nonna's house, get into cars and back in the day, we used walkie talkies to communicate in-between vehicles. We would travel to the tree farm (or farms) and wander the rows of trees in search of the perfect one. One that wasn't too big, or too small, or too wide, or too narrow. You can imagine how this process was a slow one at times. Once the tree was selected my aunt Zia Gisa had this great idea to hold hands around the tree and sing 'Yahoo Dore' from the grinch, this tradition has stuck all these years later. Once the trees were packed and in the...