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Liquid Gold – aka hot pepper oil

My uncle Arnie Spina is known for many things, but his hot pepper oil is definitely top on the list. Friends and family all know that he has the best hot pepper oil in the game and no one wants to even attempt making it themselves. Why you ask? Well, it’s a pretty intense and dangerous process of fermenting peppers. One wrong move could land you in the hospital- true story! 

His grandmother taught him this specialty from a young age in Pesche, Italy. He has carried on the tradition as an adult living in Woodstock.  He has introduced it to his friends and family, sharing a very limited supply of jars with select few. 

Caution, the step by step process is only for those experienced professionals. We, at Olivia D’Onofrio, do not assume responsibility for any side effects which may include but are not limited to, intense burning if peppers come in contact with your skin, increased trips to the bathroom or explosion of jars! 

Use gloves and approach with caution and wash your hands with dishwashing soap 3-4 times after each time you touch the peppers,

  • Firstly, choose cayenne peppers (special kind of peppers). My uncle usually goes to Trails End in London 
  • Dry the peppers for 6-7 days in the sun. Spread them out over a table cloth and take them out in the sun every day. Bringing them back in when the sun goes down. You know they’re ready when they start shrinking. 
  • Bring them inside and remove all of the twigs off.
  • Grind them in a blender
  • Put them on a colander with a cooking sheet underneath.
  •  Line a row of hot peppers, then salt and layer it until your done as many as you have.
  • Bring peppers somewhere cool and store for less than 24 hours. If you store for more than 24 hours they will become moldy. 
  • Put all of the peppers into a big bowl and fill it up to a quarter of an inch above with olive oil (do not use any other type of oil).
  • Stir every day similar to what would be done when your wine is fermenting.  
  • Keep topping off with oil every day so the peppers are always covered. The peppers absorb the oil.
  • After 2.5 – 3 weeks (approximately) or when there are no more bubbles, then you are ready to jar them. 
  • Use extreme caution and ensure the fermenting is done or else it could blow up. 

Eat with:

  • Literally anything
  • Pasta
  • Bread
  • Pizza
  • Steak
  • Chicken
  • Etc. 

A little spice, goes a long way!




  • Stephanie commisso

    Oh man….I probably wouldn’t try making this myself, but it would be cool to try some homemade stuff! Hint hint…just kidding 🙂

    November 23, 2019 at 3:35 pm
      • Stephanie Commisso

        I just saw this reply! 🙂 Looking forward to it haha

        December 8, 2019 at 1:41 am